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About Us

It’s All About Your Comfort…!!!!

To Introduce North Sumatra to the world, so someday we can proud to say :

PT Go Adventure operated since June 2010.

Go Adventure Product is :
Domestic & International Flight Ticket
Domestic & International Hotel Voucher
Domestic & International Tour
Adventures Tour
Visa,Passport, Bus & Car Rental, Villa Rental
Go Adventure is focus on Domestic/Inbound Tour & International/Outbound Tour. We are specialized in Adventures Tour, especially Adventures Tour in North Sumatera, such as :
Island Tour : Pandang Island, Berhala Island, Salah Nama Island, etc
Rafting : Sei Bingei, Sei Wampu, Sei Bah Bolon, etc
Hiking : Mount Sibayak, Mount Sinabung, etc
Caving : Pintu Rizal. Pintu Air, Pintu Angin, etc
Camping : Camping at Lau Kawar, etc
and many more…
We try to give you the best facilities with affordable price,according to our motto:
” It’s All About Your Comfort”

North Sumatra itself has many fantastic places which is still natural and not yet known even by its local people. We have many wonderful destination that can refresh your mind, built your teamwork, your confidence, etc…

Our North Sumatra have many potential natural resources that is similar even better than others, but we never notice it..

So Let’s Introduce North Sumatra together, so one day we can proud to say:

If not started from us, who else will start..???

Our Team

Anton Lois Fikal  : Managing Director
Christina Losardi : Tour Manager
Fransiska Lois  : Managing Ticket
Frans Taslim : Managing Hotel
Ieies  : Inbound Hotel Department
Ellen Markam  : Hotel/Tour Department
Angel : Tour Department
Suherman  : Ticketing/Marketing
Andrie Lim : Guide
Willy Lim : Guide
Benny Lois : Marketing

*Our Contact Reservation:
Anton Lois Fikal : 085262552888 Christina Losardi : 081973190909 Fransiska Lois : 0819871751 Frans Taslim : 085658084321 Teteh Ieies : 082161488038

Presented by :
PT Go Adventure Tour & Travel
Komp. Cemara Asri
Jl. Makmur no 88NN Medan – North Sumatra
Office No : 061-6645899, 6644692

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